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– Over 200 million voters, who contribute news leads and wiki-based article editing, supported by the top forensics, intelligence and operations experts in the world via global P2P decentralized cooperation.



– No agenda except: “END POLITICAL CORRUPTION!”



– Supporting 100% legal class-action, small claims and RICO lawsuits; FBI-class forensic investigation of every executive and investor in a corrupt company; water-fall charting of campaign finances, tax evasions, PACs and illicit expenditures; detailed documentation of all political payola and the beneficiary paths from that payola; public instruction books and workshops in criminal investigation techniques; press conferences; Congressional reports to law enforcement and elected officials; Streisand Effect process development; voter education; forensic analysis of internet media manipulation; illicit family trust shield exposure; stock market payola tracking and political insider trading exposure; the forced bankruptcy of corrupt organizations; exposure of state and federal fake grant/fake loan programs which are actually crony kick-back programs; the hiring of professional private investigators for political corruption tracking; global media lists for discussion of corruption investigations; and more…


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